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Whistleblowing Rules - Best Practice; Assessment and Revision of Rules Existing in EU Institutions
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Afhandling fra Europa-Parlamentet om whistleblowing og dets betydning, især for risk management.


What, if any, are the shortcomings of the EU Institutions' current rules on whistleblowing? What improvements could be introduced on the basis of the best practice applying in the Member States, the USA and the private sector?

There is no statutory definition of a whistleblower - not in the Staff Regulations of the Officials of the European Union, nor anywhere else. Typically the word is not even used in legal texts. However, there are a number of decidedly different understandings of the concept behind the term. Accordingly, the study first ventures to highlight the context of Whistleblowing.

There exists now significant experience with different approaches so that the study can deliberately chose a definition that is helpful in addressing the problems experienced under the scope of this study.

The definition of Whistleblowing thus chosen by the end of the first part is:
- the insider disclosure of what is perceived to be evidence;
- of illegal conduct or other serious risks;
- out of or in relation to activities of an organisation including the work related activities of its staff.

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