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Vores risikoopfattelse er styret af følelser
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Artikel om hvordan følelser styrer vores risikoopfattelse (UK, 2005)


Individual perception of risk is coloured more by self-interest and personal characteristics than the mission of the wider business. How can this be addressed in a manner that promotes the active management of relevant risks while addressing the self-interest of the participants?

On the OP-ED page of the Sunday New York Times on July 24, 2005, Dr. Nassim Nicholas Taleb reminded us all of the predominate role of emotion in the perception of risk. His thesis, in summary, is that risk avoidance is predominantly governed by our emotional system, that emotional system is primitive in nature and we are more interested in the drama of a crisis and the heroes involved than in the efforts at prevention. Of course, his topic was terrorism, not operational risk management or business continuity, and his admonition was to the media to be careful about extending the mission of the terrorists (as in assisting in terrifying people) and understand the effects of their reporting.

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