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VCEMS: Environmental Risk Communication
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Rapport fra Vanderbilt University om risikokommunikation i forhold til miljøspørgsmål (US, 2002)

Advances in information technology and recent terrorist events are causing many people to question the way in which environmental risks are communicated. Environmental risks consist of incidents or trends, either man-made or natural in cause, that have potential to inflict harm to human health and/or ecosystems and could include physical assets or the economy (i.e., business and social disruption).

Communication of environmental risks can be divided into two distinct categories, according to the time-sensitivity of the need for sharing information: 1) events that might occur in the future where prevention is the focus, and 2) emergency scenarios where an event has occurred, and there is a need for immediate notification and deployment of mitigation actions. Moreover, the consequences of these events can produce either acute or chronic effects.

Vanderbilt Whitepaper: Environmental Risk Communication (pdf)