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The upside of risk
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Rapport fra MCA om risici i den offentlige sector (UK, 2007)


Risk management has evolved rapidly over the last few years in the public sector, and substantial progress has been made in providing advice and guidelines.

However, as government becomes more “joined-up” and more private companies are supplying services, the risks faced by the public sector have become more serious, complex and interdependent. In particular, public sector managers expect that the most significant risk their organisations will face in the future will be people-related (scarcity of key skills, for instance).

This report, based on a survey of around 100 senior civil servants and interviews with experts in this field, suggests there will be seven critical success factors to public sector risk management in the future, including ensuring everyone in an organisation thinks it’s their responsibility to manage risk; establishing a single, overarching risk on which to focus people’s attention; and involving multiple stakeholders in the process of risk management.

However, perhaps the single most important change which needs to be made is to encourage public sector managers to appreciate that taking calculated risks can result in improved performance.

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Source: Management Consultancies Association (MCA)