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Strong and prosperous communities
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This White Paper is on the side of individuals and families who want to make a difference, both to their own lives and to the communities in which they live.


People no longer accept the 'one size fits all' service models of old. They want choice over the services they receive, influence over those who provide them, and higher service standards. We want this to be the case everywhere – for people to be given more control over their lives; consulted and involved in running services; informed about the quality of services in their area; and enabled to call local agencies to account if services fail to meet their needs.

Local authorities will involve and consult service users more fully and provide better information about standards in their local area. People will be able to turn to their local councillor to demand an answer to their questions through a new Community Call for Action. And there will be measures to promote increased community ownership and management of local facilities and assets.

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