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Risk, Responsibility and Regulation - Whose risk is it anyway?
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Rapport fra den britiske Better Regulation Commission


The relationship between risk, responsibility and regulation is rapidly emerging as an important theme of policy development. In it lies great opportunity, not only to reduce dramatically the burdens of regulation on society but also to reinforce national qualities of self-reliance, resilience and a spirit of adventure. But there is also a danger that if the relationship is unbalanced, we slip into a cycle of increased regulation to meet the demands of increased risk aversion.
In this report, the Better Regulation Commission (BRC) is looking at the dynamics which have been created by the perception and communication of risk by policy makers, the media and each of us as individuals in society. In so doing, we are responding to concerns expressed from many quarters ranging from the Prime Minister in his speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research (May 2005) to, most recently, the Health and Safety Commission in their plea for us to ‘get a life’.

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