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Website med oplysninger og online debat om risici (UK, 2005)


We believe there are some serious issues about risk that need to be faced up to.

On the one hand there are stories of hanging baskets being banned in case they fall on someone, trapeze artists being made to wear hard hats, children being banned from playing conkers or made to wear goggles when they do and signs to be put up on Snowdon to warn of slippery areas. Fortunately some of the stories are just that – stories. But worryingly, whilst they go well beyond what is required by law, others are based in fact.

On the other hand last year 235 people were killed at work, well over 30,000 suffered major injuries (broken bones etc) and 30 million working days were lost due to ill health caused or made worse by work. Many of the injuries and cases of ill health resulted from very well-know and preventable causes. They resulted in individual suffering, costs to business and to the economy as a whole.

A web forum on risk ran from 13th July until 5th October and gave people a chance say online where the sensible balance lies in health and safety.

We had hundreds of contributers, giving their views and making suggestions on how best to tackle the issues. We have summarised the debate, as well as actions we propose to take in response. Here too you will find information on three specific issues that we think are particularly important: public safety; education; and Local Government.

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