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OECD Studies in Risk Management: Denmark
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The OECD Futures Project on Risk Management Policies aims to assist OECD countries in identifying the challenges of managing risks in the 21st century, and contributing to their reflection on how best to address those challenges. Its focus is placed on the consistency of risk management policies and on their ability to deal with the challenges, present and future, created by systemic risks.

Denmark is currently engaged in a reappraisal of its strategy for managing major risks. The context in which this reappraisal takes place was set by the political agreement of 21 June 2002, which will be valid until 2006. The agreement stated that in the current threat landscape, the Danish preparedness system needs to be reorganised, with a shift of emphasis from traditional defence tasks to peace-time preparedness. It gave more power to municipalities to adapt their preparedness measures according to their own evaluation of risks, and called for a better coordination of preparedness policies at the national, regional and municipal

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