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Managing Large-Scale Risks in a New Era of Catastrophes
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The Role of the Private and Public Sectors in Insuring, Mitigating, and Financing Recovery from Natural Disasters in the Unites States.


This report focuses on the role of insurance and other risk transfer mechanisms as well as hazard mitigation for managing catastrophic risks. It thus provides the foundation for undertaking Phase II of the study which will be completed in the next 9 months.

Using a large data set of residential exposure and property insurance coverage, our specific interest in 2007 is in developing and evaluating alternative insurance and mitigation programs involving the private and public sectors for tackling these issues so as to establish long-term sustainable solutions for providing protection against financial losses and reducing risks from hurricanes and floods on the key stakeholders.

NB! This is the first phase of a 2-phase study and, therefore, not final findings.

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