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HM Treasury Office: Management of Risk ("The Orange Book")
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Generelle anbefalinger for at udvikle en ramme for organisationens risk management (UK, 2001)


The task of management is to respond to these risks so as to maximise the likelihood of achieving the purpose. The resources available for doing so are finite and so the aim is to achieve an optimum response to risk, prioritised in accordance with an evaluation of the risks. Some amount of risk taking is necessary – the only way to avoid risk is to do nothing at all which is guaranteed to ensure that nothing is achieved. Managers therefore need to be equipped with skills and tools which allow them to have a reasonable assurance of achieving their objectives with reasonable value for money.

This guide does not aim to offer a single solution to the challenge of risk management, nor does it attempt to tell the reader how to manage risk. That would not be possible as the detail of risk issues for any one organisation is particular to that organisation, and to that organisation alone. This guide does aim to offer - as its title implies - some pointers to developing a strategic framework for the organisational consideration of risk. It points towards some tools and techniques which may be adopted by an organisation as it considers the adequacy of its risk management processes across the whole range of risks which have to be dealt with in the course of its day to day business.

Management of Risk - Principles and Concepts (PDF)
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