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EU: Harmonisering af procedurer til risikovurdering
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Omfattende rapport fra EUs videnskabelige komité om harmonisering af procedurer til risikovurdering (EU, 2000 - 2003)

The principal purpose of this Report is to promote an active debate on current practices for risk assessment used by the Scientific Committees of DG SANCO and to make proposals for developing convergent approaches which will aid harmonisation.

Progressive harmonisation of human health and environmental protection risk assessment procedures within the EU is both of practical importance and scientifically sound. However, it is recognised that total harmonisation of risk assessment procedures in the EU is not achievable in the short to medium term.

First report on the harmonisation of risk assessment procedures (pdf)

Updated Opinion of the Scientific Steering Committee on Harmonisation of Risk Assessment Procedures (Adopted on 10-11 April 2003 - pdf)