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CAmagazine: Modern Risk Management
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Artikel om de fordele, der kan opnås gennem at udfærdige risikoprofil og risikoanalyse (US, 2002)


Operational risk management is about operational excellence and it follows the plan-do-assess-adjust process that is used for quality and environmental management. There are four steps to the continuous improvement process that is applied to operational risk management:

  • Planning involves analysis to identify risk exposures and what they mean to the company’s bottom line. It also involves assessing the current level of risk controls and deciding what actions are needed to address any gaps in the risk management program that could prevent the organization from achieving its business goals (ensuring the right things are done).
  • Doing involves the implementation of risk controls and other risk management activities.
  • Assessing involves monitoring and auditing to ensure that risk controls are carried out as planned (ensuring things are done right).
  • Adjusting. It is critical that senior management conduct periodic reviews to ensure that its risk management program continues to meet the company’s needs and that necessary changes are made.
Modern Risk Management