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BCI: Good Practice in Business Continuity Management
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Håndbog og god praksis for business continuity management (UK, 2003)

The BCI has published a set of Good Practice Guidelines for Business Continuity Management. These guidelines do not of themselves provide a BCM competency and capability, they do provide a generic framework and standardised approach to enable and inform their development. In particular the guidelines are designed to provide assistance in understanding and applying the Business Continuity Management principles.

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Good Practice Guidelines (PDF)
Introduktion til håndbogen.

Stage 1: Understanding Your Business (PDF)
Stage 2: Business Continuity Strategies (PDF)
Stage 3: Develop and Implement Business Continuity Respons (PDF)
Stage 4: Building and Embedding a Continuity Culture (PDF)
Stage 5: Exercising, Maintenance and Audit (PDF)
Stage 6: Programme Management (PDF)