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Audit Scotland: Shorten the Odds
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Håndbog fra Accounts Commission for Scotland, der kobler revision og risk management (UK, 2000)

"Shorten the oddsandquot; is intended to promote effective risk management across council services. It is aimed at managers rather than risk management experts. The paper has been produced in collaboration with the Department of Risk and Financial Services at Glasgow Caledonian University. Risk management is the process of identifying risks, evaluating their potential consequences, and finding effective ways to control and manage them. The aim is to minimise the chance of risk events happening, and reduce their impact if they do. This can make a substantial contribution to delivering the sound governance element of Best Value by helping councils’ strategic, operational and financial management.

Shorten the odds encourages councils to develop a comprehensive corporate approach to managing both strategic and operational risk. It also introduces a range of tools, techniques and checklists which managers can use to put the theory into practice.

Shorten the Odds (pdf)